Design Process Training

Process information for design teams using BaseKit applications


This document is for web professionals

Familiarity with HTML/CSS, terminal, Git and other web technologies is required.


  1. Basic Terminal Commands
  2. Partner environments
    1. Partner types
    2. Brands / packages
    3. Template tagging

1: Basic Terminal Commands

Git Commands

You should expect to be familiar with these terminal commands
Open the 'Terminal' application. By default you will be looking at your local user directory (e.g. dominics-imac:~ DominicHickey…)

Enter a local folder:
cd foldername

Previous folder:
cd ..

Cloning a Repository
git clone repositoryurl

Check the Repository Status
git status

Make a Commit:

git add .
git commit -am "Your commit message goes here"

Push a Commit
git push origin branchname

Pull a Repository
git pull origin branchname

Switching Branch
git checkout branchname

Create a New Branch
git checkout -b newbranchname

Track an existing Branch

git fetch -a
git checkout -b branchname --track origin/branchname
git pull origin branchname

Temporarily Save Changes
git stash

##2. Partner Environments

Partner types

  • On-premise: have their own environment / control panel
  • SaaS: shared partner environment
    • EMEA (bkpam2)
    • US (bk-paus)
    • Asia (bkasia)

Brands / packages

  • An environment can have multiple brands. A brand is typically used for partner campaigns that could be directed at different groups of customers.
  • Within a brand, there are packages. These are pulled in from the manifest, e.g. SaaS US 25: 10 Standard + 5 Blog + 5 Menu + 5 Ecommerce.
  • Template groups within packages relate to the manifest groups

Tagging templates