Twitter Credentials


  1. You’ll need a normal Twitter account in order to get the credentials required. Go to to create a new account, if needed.

  2. Please also enter your mobile number to your Twitter profile before you continue as this is required before any apps can be created. To do this go to and enter a mobile number.

  3. Go to and log in using your Twitter account credentials.

  4. Select Create New App.


Click 'Create New App'

  1. Complete the form and check the Developer agreement at the bottom of the page and select Create your Twitter application.

Note: Enter https//:editor.yourbranddomain.tld' for the callback URL (Ensuring yourbranddomain.tld is replaced with your brand domain)


Complete application

  1. You'll then be taken to the Details page of your app.

  2. Go to to the Application settings section and click Manage keys and access tokens.


Click 'Manage keys and access tokens'

  1. You’ll be taken to the Keys and Access Tokens page.

  2. Enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret into your Basekit Brand form.

  3. At the bottom of the Keys and Access Tokens page select Create my access token.


Click 'create my access token'

  1. You’ll then be shown your Access Token and Access Token Secret, copy these into your Basekit Brand form.