Our training team is in charge of delivering training sessions for partners who request it through one of their account managers.


We have divided the training session into different modules which can be selected on the Training requirements form. The modules are:

BASEKIT EDITOR. The training team will provide an explanation about how to move around the editor, its different areas and the widgets.

BLOG. The partner will learn how to use the editor to create a Blog and how to keep it updated.

ECOMMERCE. On this module the training team will demonstrate how to create an online store with all it entails.

ZENDESK. It includes an explanation of the Zendesk platform, how we use it, responding times, support process and emergency contact information.

CONTROL PANEL. Support agents may be interested in this option as it provides them with information about the site, otherwise not accesible, in order to determine the origins of a problem.


The duration of the training depends on the modules selected on the training requirements form, which is to be filled up by the partner. The duration will also depend on the level of information the support team has already received in the past (i.e. if they have used the editor before the training will be shorter).

An estimate of the time it takes to deliver training for the modules mentioned above would be:

BASEKIT EDITOR (50 minutes)
BLOG (20 minutes)
ECOMMERCE (40 minutes)
ZENDESK (40 minutes)
CONTROL PANEL (30 minutes)


You can download the training requirements form from this URL: http://bit.ly/2ehNJCj


When the training team receives the suggested date and time for the training through the form, they will confirm with the partner the availability.

After the confirmation the trainer assigned to the partner will send a GoToMeeting link.

On the agreed date the attendees will need to follow the link to connect to the training session.The trainer will share his screen with the attendees and will start as soon as the partner can confirm everyone has arrived.

It is advisable that all attendees use their own computer with a headset as, if they have questions, it will be easier for the trainer to hear them